Workshops for year 10 to 12 visual communication students. I demonstrate and share the skills and techniques I have developed as a former professional model maker. In making this challenging art form easier, your students will have the ability to build the models they want, they are proud of, and with far less time frustrated in needing to start them again.

The workshop runs for 2 or 2.5 hours (2.5 hours is preferred), with a short break in between:

  • Part 1- Presentation - slides, models and material samples:

    • The different types of models and their purpose.

    • Material choices, colour and texture options.

  • Part 2 - Model making exercise:

    • Students build a model of my design. 

    • Experience is gained working off and understanding architectural drawings of the model being built.

    • The model is designed to show a broad range of techniques to help them with their future model making.

    • Step by step, I demonstrate the building of the model, showing my techniques and sharing my tips, the students then follow.

    • I oversee and answer any questions and assist where necessary.

    • Equipment, safety and reducing waste are covered throughout the process.

    • Students have a completed model to take home with them. See below.