Additions and Alterations. Unfortunately this project has been put on hold. I hope the clients will bring it back to life in the future. It's a favourite and I would love to see it become a reality. 

An addition to a beautiful Edwardian home. All the trees on this property are protected from removal. A good thing! It did however mean that the large back yard had only a small area left available for the addition. A challenge. I like those. 

Inspired by the beautiful trees on the site, the floor plan is two rectangles rotated around a central spine. Just like a tree, the top and bottom floors are positioned and rotate off the trunk to find the light they need. In this design, a central brick fireplace shaft, with the staircase that wraps around it, acts like the trunk of tree. Rather than distributing moisture along it, this trunk like element moves its occupants up and down the space, is a source of heat energy, and acts as a light well from the glass roof section above. 

Fairy - Schem 4 Int1.jpg
Fairy - Schem 4 Int2.jpg