A presentation for year 10 to 12 students considering a career in architecture. Students gain an understanding of what an architect does on a day to day basis, helping them make a more informed decision if architecture is a path they are suited toward, and one they wish to pursue. The one hour presentation includes: 

  • Slides showing the process of creating a house from the first meeting to a completed home:

    • The role of an architect.

    • The design process - design brief, inspiration, factors influencing the design, sustainability etc.

    • Communicating and working with clients. 

    • Working with consultants. 

    • The architect’s involvement in the construction process.

  • Covers the information required for the visual communication ‘design industry practice’ outcome 2.

  • Who is a career in architecture suited toward?

  • How do you become an architect?

  • Question and answer time.

  • Extended 90 minutes presentation available, covering school subject choice, the university degree and the architect registration process.


“Darren come to our school to talk professional practice with my year 12's. He was great, delivered his lecture in a very relatable way, chatted, answered questions after, and 'fed' the exact information the students needed to complete Outcome 2. I highly recommend him, we will use him again next year.” 

- Kilvington Grammar School - Nicola - Media and Visual Arts Teacher

“Thank you so much for coming out and talking to the students. They enjoyed the presentation and I do believe that you have inspired them. Not only with the work you do but your passion.” 

- Dandenong high school - Jeanette - Visual communication teacher


“Thank you for making yourself available to come into schools.  It was a pleasure having you here and the students gave very positive feedback.”

- Mc Kinnon High - Grace - Visual communication teacher:

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