I began DN Architecture as a sole practitioner in 2001. It has given me the opportunity to truly connect with my clients, and explore my love of all the facets of being an architect. The projects above, are two of the many I have completed in this time. 

2019 marks a change in direction for my architecture career. In the last number of years I grew increasingly frustrated with being asked to create ever bigger homes with every conceivable luxury. Not aligned with the values I hold dear to my heart, I felt pain in being asked to contribute to the problems our cities already face - disconnection, urban sprawl and the excessive consumption or materials, energy and space. I want to use my passion for design to solve these issues, not create them.


The change I want to see was not happening, so I decided to make it happen. I've embarked upon creating a new, affordable, sustainable housing model. Downsized homes, with well designed, efficient use of space, for increased energy efficiency, affordability, and sense of community, by living closer together, with more shared external space and resources. Healthy spaces, for the mind, the body and the environment. Homes that wrap around and comfort you, where the quality of space is more important than the quantity of space.


This new project is a significant undertaking and is still in the works. I hope to find people in which to collaborate and assist me bring it to the world. If you are such a person, please be in touch. Or, if you want a home designed around these principles, then I'd love to talk with you further.